Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Skunk by Any Other Name is Still Amnesty!

Update: H/T to Texas Fred's New life for immigration bill?
Bush, allies hope to revive immigration bill
President to lunch on Capitol Hill Tuesday, new vote possible Friday
See blogger's response to e-mail campaign under Texas Fred's comments.

Thursday night the Senate voted 45 to 50 against invoking cloture on S. 1348. According to Numbers USA, Senator Reid has pulled the bill from the floor for now.

Let President Bush (who completely abandoned his Republican base on immigration) and the open borders hate America left call it what they will, the bill WAS an Amnesty Bill.

Americans, both conservatives and moderates alike, have spoken and the message should be loud and clear to any presidential hopeful. Americans are fed up with the “nuanced” double-speak of the left, political hacks, the endless games and hidden agendas. We want a plain-spoken traditional leader who is going to fulfill the will of the people – not the will law-breakers, of corporate globalists, or of subversive special interests (AKA: the crazy left).

Once again, this vote shows that the Democrat spinners have been wrong about who Americans really are and what we really want. Americans are a nation of ASSIMILATED immigrants who share a common history, a common language, and common values. We are proud of our unique national heritage and we will NOT tolerate law-breakers who flaunt our laws, who threaten our national security, who overwhelm our social resources, and who demand special consideration. NOT EVER!!! Got that President Bush??? Got that Congress???

The Democrats and the leftist controlled media like to spin the tale that the mid-term election was a disaster for the Republicans because of Iraq. Not at all true. Most conservatives have supported the war effort in Iraq. The conservative base understood that it was abandoned by their elected officials on the most important issue facing us in this era –our border security in a time of war and global terrorism. “It’s all about ILLEGAL Immigration!!!”

Now go and read all about the 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill and see why this bill needs a wooden stake driven through its stinky little heart!

Amnesty No! Conservative Power Yes!!!


  1. I've been keeping tabs on my Senator, Voinovich. Weasel, that he is, has voted with the Dems on the Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill.

    If you don't act like a Republican, why have the R behind your name?

  2. Bryan write to your Senator and tell him exactly what you feel about Amnesty. Use that last line too! Great.-

  3. I'm listening to O'Reilly right now, who is supporting the failure of this bill, but who also SUPPORTED it only a week or so ago. He is interviewing Michelle Malkin and she is speaking English, as always - enforce existing laws.

    I'm off to read the stinky loopholes.

    Thanks for this.
    Maggie's Notebook

  4. Good one, Bush is a total idiot on this, bordering on traitorous...

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    pass poorly written laws

    give lawbreakers amnesty
    pretend to be cracking down