Thursday, April 12, 2007

Six Flags Promotes One Flag over America - Mexico

"Festival Latino" This Weekend at Six Flags over Texas:

“Celebrate the heritage and richness of the Latino culture during the second annual Festival Latino, April 14-15 and 21-22. Live entertainment, brilliantly talented artisans and delicious foods delight families and honor the contributions of the Latino community during this four-day festival. Check back next week to see our new Festival Latino website dedicated to the sights and sounds of this high-energy event.”

It all sounds so fun and so inclusive, but what is it really all about?

According to their corporate pages, “Six Flags, Inc. is the largest regional theme park company in the world -- a national brand with regional focus.” But it appears that their regional focus is way south of the border!

Many thanks to Protect Our Borders Now Yahoo Group for this alert:

Here’s an excerpt:

Welcome Patriots and hope you can help us in this fight. You may have heard in the past how "Six Flags America" (Largo, Maryland: 1 (301) 249-1500, ) and their union with Univision ( A well know "Hispanic Media Group with an Agenda to support Illegal Aliens) . If you have not already heard, here is what has happened.

For a few years now Univision and Six Flags have gotten together to assist "New Arrivals" to Maryland. In their "deal" Univision is permitted to set up many BIG TENTS inside the property of Six Flags America in Largo Maryland on Americas Father Day. These tents are heavily staffed with Spanish Speaking vendors (provided by Univision), with each tent offering services that would be most helpful to "New Arrivals". This includes HOUSING, JOBS, CAR SALES, Other SERVICES.

Now, think about it. Park Filled to the rim with 80-90% Spanish Speaking visitors. Services being offered in SPANISH that most real citizens would actually have. Spanish Speaking Vendors everywhere. Univision helps with setting this up. Can you tell what’s going on now ! In exchange for selling out Maryland Citizens, Six Flags gets the ticket sales and free ads from Univision. Quite a deal, unless you understand that the ENDLESS TAX loss from Endless Illegal Immigration hurts ALL Maryland Citizens. . . .

Read more about the Six Flags-Univision-La Raza connection and what you can do to stop big business interests from selling out America to Mexico.

P.S. If you don’t know what La Raza stands for here’s a clue:

Thus La Raza supports continued mass Mexican immigration to the United States, and hopes to achieve, by the sheer weight of numbers, the re-partition of the American Southwest as a new state called Aztlan -- to be controlled by its alleged rightful owners, the people and government of Mexico. La Raza is also a sponsoring organization of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coalition, which seeks to secure ever-expanding rights and civil liberties protections for illegal immigrants, and policy reforms that diminish or eliminate future restrictions on immigration. At many of the "pro-immigration" rallies that NCLR members have attended in recent times, their signature slogan has been: "La Raza unida nunca sera vencida!" ("The united [Hispanic] race will never be defeated!")

Note: The alliance between Premier Parks (now Six Flags) and Univision’s “Festival Latino!” was forged in June of 2000.

Check out the Six Flags National Home Page to find a local Six Flags Inc. theme park in your region and find out if they will be having a "Festival Latino".

The next time you take your children to any theme park, consider what your American $$$ are really buying. What kind of message are you sending to your children? Is a day of mindless fun at Six Flags really worth the long-term price you and your children will eventually pay?

Sign the Petition: Help STOP Six Flags Maryland from pandering to and assisting ANY illegal immigrants.

Here are two more petitions you need to sign:

Stop Illegal Immigration Petition

Pardon the Agents: Ramos and Compean Petition

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  1. I can't believe I'm even having to say this but I'll be voting for the most Pro-American candidate in every election from here on out.

  2. Dittos to each word Matt said. Isn't it something that we really need to look hard to find a true Pro-American candidate? They are there, but then politics are looming so you can't really hear it from them...or, they lead you to believe they are Pro-American until they get in office.

    Good heads up. I'll sign the petitions.

    Maggie's Notebook

  3. Its funny to see how you "Americans"(and I say this as an American) see a minority celebrating a day of festivities and a parking lot full of spanish speaking people and start to get paranoid and concerned. What if it was a bunch of white people? Would you be scared then? Probably not. As Americans you need to learn to live with other cultures in this country. This country is all of ours, not just to you white people.

  4. You can try all you want to make this a race-baiting issue but you and I both know that not only are you wrong, you are a despicable racist playing the race-card. This is not about race. It is about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Right now the majority of ILLEGAL ALIENS just happen to be coming over the border from Mexico. If that’s you, then let me be the first to inform you. THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY!