Monday, March 19, 2007

Open Trackback Monday

Welcome to Open Trackback Monday and Linkfest Haven.

I’ll will manually add your trackbacks with excerpts, if available, to this page as they come in. Be patient, some trackbacks mysteriously travel the entire blogosphere before they arrive.

Not familiar with trackbacks?

Here's how to do it:

1) Choose the article you want to promote. Copy my permalink URL and my trackback URL (you'll find mine just below these instructions). Add my blog name: Faultline USA linked with my permalink (posted at the end of this entry), into the body of your post (just after your completed article).

Show it like this: Trackposted to:Faultline USA (using the permalink for this entry). This gives me a live link within your article.

Then send a trackback to me. You'll need my trackback URL (posted at the end of this entry), which will let me know that you are joining in the fun. I will then add your live link to my article.

2) If you use blogging software that doesn’t have “trackback” ability built in, you can use Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger, Trackback Wizzard, or Kalsey’s Simpletracks.

3) If you don't have trackbacks yet, just leave a comment and say that you do not have trackbacks. Be sure to post a short excerpt from your post and your permalink, and I will add that too!

4) If you would like to join the Open Trackback Alliance visit The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns for more information. Linkfest Haven Deluxe hosts link fests daily. You can host your own Linkfest or just participate in the "fests" of other. Go to Linkfest Haven Deluxe for more information.

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Obama Ad Compares Clinton to Big BrotherExcerpt: It's a throw down smack fest, Obama v Hiily!(...)The compelling Hillary 1984 video recently introduced on YouTube represents a new era, a new wave of politics ... because it's not about Obama, said Peter Leyden, director of the New PoliticsWeblog: The Amboy Times

Traitor Is As Traitor DoesExcerpt: This is the enemy we face. An enemy within our country that hates our country. An enemy that does not respect the right of a woman to speak and a cowardly man who stole a sign from a woman. An enemy who thinks nothing of tearing up a flag representing...Weblog: SpeckBlog

Europe's Struggle with IslamExcerpt: Ms. West asks: "Why don't our leaders face [the likely transformation of Europe into an Islamic continent]? This may be one of those questions our children will ask some day."Ms. West points to the: "...still-increasing Muslim immigrant populat...Weblog: Maggie's Notebook

Kalisto89's Never Again: Message to IranExcerpt: Here is a young Israeli who DOES know about the holocaust and is smart enough to equate it today's terrorists. I'm confident that there are many, many Israeli youth who are very aware; Kalisto89 has the talent to tell the story.Weblog: Maggie's Notebook

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