Sunday, March 11, 2007

Extreme Left Hijacking Local Democratic Party Chairs

A well-orchestrated national strategy by the far left . . .

In the following days I will share with our readers actual examples (including names, dates, and places), of how the extreme left is actively hijacking local Democratic party executive committees and local chairs.

Today, as an introduction, I’m republishing an article I posted on November 7, 2006

Democrats Attacked from Within

The following account is most likely playing out across the country – especially in small rural communities. My source has asked me to keep silent until after the elections are over. Tomorrow I will reveal more of this story. But for now, suffice it to say that activists Democrats are quietly taking over the party and silently eliminating duly elected local party chairs by very unscrupulous and possibly illegal means.

Here’s how it works. . . Much of rural America is still operating by 20th century standards and that includes how the Democratic Party communicates in rural areas. Many party chairs are not too internet savvy. Usually information is still shared with party members by newsletters sent via snail mail. Many local parties in rural areas don’t even have a web page.

In comes a new party volunteer that offers to help get the local party online with a new web site. The local party is delighted. Donations come in, money is spent finding a good web site developer, and the local party web site goes online.

The helpful new volunteer offers to act as web administrator. The country chair is delighted. But little by little, the new web administrator takes more and more liberties and begins to publish “news articles” that are filled with questionable inflammatory opinions. The party chair asks the new volunteer to cease these activities. But the new volunteer refuses. Then the party chair is forced to remove the new volunteer as web administrator.

That doesn’t stop the new volunteer. After all, the new volunteer is part of a larger group of well-connected newcomers to the community that have already made plans to take over the local party. The volunteer begins to hack into the web site. Eventually the party chair is forced to take the web site down. A month later, a new web site shows up – almost an exact duplicate of the official party web site. The only difference is the name of the web site which now has “Active” as part of its title. For example: Dufus County Democrats becomes Dufus County Active Democrats. Oh yes, and the name of the party chair is missing from the new “Active” web site. The assumption is that few new visitors to the web site will even bother to think about the fact that there is a duly elected party chair.

The new “Active” party web site asks for donations. In one case that I know of the new “Active” party actually did take the time to register as a P.A.C. and that can be verified by the State Ethics Commission. In another case, the new “club” is seeking donations without even bothering to register as a P.A.C.

The official party chair turns to the state chair and the DNC, as-well-as to the candidates seeking assistance, but no help comes. There’s lots of sympathy and offers to look into it after the election. The conspiracy of silence even extends to the wronged party chairs because no one wants to rock the boat prior to the elections. Many Democrats are still in denial but some party chairs now realize, all too well, that this take-over effort is a well orchestrated national strategy by the far far left. Share this information with an unfortunate moderate Democratic party chair who is probably already a target and may soon wake up to find out that he or she has simply been cut out of the party without so much as a local party election!!! So much for leftist style democracy!!!

Link to the original article:

See as a follow-up the November 12, 2006 article, The Active Democrats Revolution

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  1. What a crying shame a bunch of Neo-Con's and Middle of the Road Independents didn't think of doing this first. The kids of the 'Crazies' that took over the DNC in the 60's and 70's are more radical than their pathetic parents, but they are dedicated. Ya gotta admit, they are dedicated to their cause. Would that some lazy, fat, pea-brained "Americans" were as excited about the principles upon which this country was founded. What the hay! Nothing lasts forever! Right? Live for today! Burn the candle at both ends! What's on the boob-tube, Babe? Pass me a can a beer, Mac! Church!?! Nobody goes to church! Worry about what kind of teacher the kids have? Who's got time for things like that? Football! Nachos and dip! 4th of July? What's that?

  2. Wouldn't this be a good thing for the Republicans? This splintering of the Dems?

    I voted at RCP.

  3. The extreme left is heavily supported by very wealthy people who have their own agenda of splitting up America. Also on you can find the direct link between AL Qaeda and Saddam and other relevant information. This blog and yours cover a lot of similar information. Should be allies!

  4. I can see Howard Dean laying this golden egg.

    This makes Watergate look like skipping a day of school.

    I look forward to your upcoming information.


  5. You have 11 votes so far. You go girl. Good stuff

  6. This and the earlier articles you cited are great information. I commend you for your work.

    I don't know how the link section will work within my post, but I have done a post which links to your articles:

    Debbie, I think Republicans should look out for this same tactic. The ones doing this are not legitimate Democrats. They are leftists who operate over a broad continium. They will employ these and similar tactics in a strategy to subvert our democratic processes. They intend to take control over our republic.

    These are anti-American leftist operatives who have a range of issues from subversion of the voting process to global warming, which they want to impose. They are Democrats, Republican, or whatever label they choose as expedient for them in thier anti-American campaign.

    I'm looking forward to your next reports. I'll continue checking back.

  7. This sounds a bit like the takeover strategy used by the McCainiacs here in Michigan. They have already succeeded in a few country chairs and made a power grab for the state chair. The last failed because we recognized it for what it was.

  8. Flanders Fields, I'm wondering just how large this groups is? Are they just a handful of far left anti-Americans, or are they really large enough in numbers to do harm?

    We have a range of differing conservative beliefs within the Republican party, but I don't see us splintering to the extend the Dems are. Do you?

    Right Truth

  9. If you want to know how this story potentially ends, look no further than the experience of the British Labour Party in the late 70's and early-mid 80's.

    The parallels, for those of you across the pond who feel like doing some digging, will I suspect be quite striking.

  10. The Republican Way, Sensorship. Figures

  11. "Anonymous said...
    The Republican Way, Sensorship. Figures"

    As usual, the LEFT makes no sense!

    Faultline: Looks like you have definitely "struck a nerve"...good job my friend!!

  12. Barack Obama's side cheated in the Caucus Elections.
    Sounds similar to what you are saying is going on.

    Very interesting article.