Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes We Can – drill our way out!!!

Message to Obama: Just like your non-available future fuels, you are running your campaign on pixie-dust and sleight-of-hand. As more and more Americans wake up from their Obama “change” fantasies into hard reality, you just may be gassed out of this race.

The high price of gasoline in the United States is a prominent campaign issue. McCain wants Congress to lift a ban on offshore oil drilling to help ease the costs, while Obama says such a measure would not help the problem in the short term.

A Rasmussen poll released last week showed that two-thirds of Americans want to see the offshore ban rescinded.

Unless something unforeseen happens to dramatically bring down prices, the ONLY issue to dominate the election in November will be gas and oil prices!

Read excerpts of what others are saying about this vital issue:

John Lillpop explains “Why Obama will lose the election. Liberals on Oil: Drilling Will Take Five Years; Let’s Do Nothing!

. . .voter priorities are quickly changing as the price of gasoline approaches $5.00 a gallon. Energy is becoming the issue causing the greatest angst among the American electorate. . .

When it comes to energy and the cost of gasoline, Barack Obama and liberals are clearly on the wrong side of the issue. The bottom line: Barack Obama and liberals have no answers to America’s energy problems, except to reduce demand through higher taxes and by eliminating reliance on the automobile.

Yes we can drill our way out because it’s a matter of national security and survival! Here’s what Today Blog has to say:

Over the last few weeks, a new mantra has emerged from the Dems: “You can’t drill your way out of this problem”. . .

Many liberals are also calling for the development of alternative and renewable sources of energy. That’s great! Let’s get that going right now! And say, for instance, that we discover the magic bullet. A non-polluting, car running, home firing solution that is easy, cheap and head and shoulders above oil and gas. How long do you think it would take to become mainstream? Probably 12-20 years.

Problems: McCain doesn’t believe in drilling in ANWR. Obama doesn’t believe in drilling at all. As the poet said, therein lies the rub. This isn’t about oil independence and it isn’t about the saber toothed moth or whatever species would be effected if we drilled in ANWR. It is about the soccer mom who has to pay $100 to fill up the mini van. It’s about the trickle down effect of transportation costs effecting the price of food, clothing, essentials. Just about everything is effected by the costs of oil and gasoline. It’s about the businesses that we depend on, like airlines and trucking companies who, coincidentally, depend on fuel, are on the verge of going under. It’s about the skyrocketing costs to the consumer and the damage that’s been done to our economy.

In my estimation, it is no longer about policy or dogma, but survival. We can, indeed, drill our way out of this. But we must start right now.

Tom Fife makes a winning point in this entry:

Drill and drill now!" That's the message 60 percent of Americans deliver when asked how to solve our oil crisis. And just as Achilles had a weak heel that lead to his downfall, Democrats will find their dreams of glory felled by of their own "anti-drilling" Achilles heel. I predict the defining issue of the 2008 presidential campaign will not be Iraq or the environment or health care or immigration. The defining issue will be which party holds the strongest position in favor of domestic oil drilling. . .

. . .Over and over again Democrats sing the same songs. They say, "We can't drill our way out of this." Or "we have 68 million acres available that are not being drilled." Or, "let's tax the profits of the nasty oil companies."

But Democrats fail to understand that while many Americans were born at night it wasn't last night. Americans understand when they are being lied to. Americans understand business people don't waste money on fruitless activities such as drilling where there is nothing to drill for no matter how many millions of acres are available. They understand that if the U.S. doesn't try to find more supply here at home we surely won't find more supply. They understand that the government gathers more taxes from oil than the oil companies make in profit selling oil. And they understand that increased taxes get passed back to the consumer via higher prices.

Even NYT bloggers have to admit that Petroleum isn’t going away any time soon.

Those who disagree with Mr. McCain’s drilling proposal tend to point out that his plan would not result in additional gasoline in the marketplace for several years. But even with additional tax incentives in place, most alternative energy sources would not be available for most American homes and businesses for quite some time either. (In both cases, the short-term impact on prices will be more the result of adjustments in commodities speculation than a dramatic increase in resource availability.) So petroleum is going to remain a part of this discussion for many years to come, and while Mr. McCain’s new position may or may not help him win the presidency, it does signal the beginning of a new era in this country’s energy debate.

American Solutions has launched a Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. YouTube Campaign.

Join the YouTube campaign to let your voices he heard about how high gas prices are affecting your life and your communities. . . . Perhaps if members of Congress saw videos of Americans of all walks of life supporting this campaign, they might be more encouraged to actually do something to help. Let your elected leaders hear from you!

Best Quote of the Week

As Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said during a conference call, the problem with the presumed Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, is that he never tells the left something it doesn't want to hear. McCain still tells the GOP base things that make them bristle.

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  1. Not only CAN WE, I firmly believe we have an obligation to do just that...

    Great piece...

  2. Great article!

    Teleprompter oBAMBI is just a puppet of the far left. They tell him how to look, how to act; what to say, what not to say; what to think, what not to think; where to go, where not to go; and best of all - they stage an act via teleprompter and dictate how to give speeches that mean nothing (and do nothing)! They now have even gone so far as to reign in, and control his wife by giving her a script for her T.V. appearance on The Spew.

    Such a winning strategy...isn't it? /sarcasm

    Just say NObama!

  3. I think that most Amricans are quickly catching on to his empty suit!

  4. Remember when President Kennedy said we WOULD go to the moon and we WOULD do it by date certain? That's the America I know, and she still exists.

    We can drill ourselves out of this. I have nothing against being good stewards of this Earth, conserving where we can, looking for REASONABLE additional (not alternative necessarily) fuels.

    But the alternative ideas suggested by the Left will not produce any more fuel, and will in fact cost us in numerous ways.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. “Yes We Can drill our way out!!!”

    Not according to the US EIA, or McCain who said that any benefit would be strictly psychological, or in other words it wont do anything but might sound good to people who don’t pay attention to details. The US simply doesn’t have the capacity to increase supply enough in order have a significant increase in prices. Even then it will take decades for anyone to see even a drop of oil from new drilling projects, AND many oil companies have yet to explore, let alone drill in much of their lands.

    Drilling will not lower gas prices.

  6. here are the links to the EIA reports saying drilling wont have any significant effect on gas prices


    And here is a link to McCain saying that any effect would only be psychological


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