Thursday, November 15, 2007

House Passes Anti-War Bill

This just in from The GOPUSA Eagle

"House Passes Anti-War Bill
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Democrats pushed through a $50 billion bill for the Iraq war Wednesday night that would require President Bush to start bringing troops home in coming weeks with a goal of ending combat by December 2008."

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  1. Not only did they do this, but they did not supply the correct amount of money! Also, they know it isn't going to pass through the senate. What a stupid, worthless group of traitors.

  2. First, let me be clear I agree that it was not the smartest move. Second, I agree that the military needs funding. Third, good bad or in different, I believe I have a good understanding of why we are there, the mission, and what it will take to accomplish it.

    That being said, I think that the wording of "traitors" is too much. What would you have done in if the roles were reversed? Would you have voted "for" something you knew wouldnt pass, but still was in your heart? Isnt this our form of government?

    Right or wrong, liberal or conservative, it is time we all stop driving wedges. I dont agree with their positions, but I understand parts of it. And at least in understanding, hopefully comes comprimise. We all (both sides) need to quit "loading the gun" with labels, names ect.

    I watched 90 seconds of the debate last night, and had to leave the room. Im tired of Bush bashing. Im tired of Congressional pandering (water bill). Im sick of the only way someone gets elected is not on the strength of their platform, or their ability to bring people together towards a common goal, and their ability to commincate that vision. But rather "I made the other guy look so bad", or "I promised a bunch of people things that arent realistic." (save the kids, save the water and save the enviro)

    Bottom line, let us not fall into that same temptation. Lets lead. Lets communicate. Lets understand. Doesnt mean we all give up our principles, it means we can speak freely without free of being attacked and ridiculed for our thoughts.

  3. I can understand your distress at the inability of either the left or right to sit down and actually communicate. With that said, however, let me remind you that we are at war and “traitors” may be a strong word, but many, many conservatives share Rosemary’s sentiments. We are also in a cultural war thanks to the left, and opposing sides don’t ordinarily sit down to play patty cake during a gun and bullets war, nor during a cultural war, and especially during an election season!

    So you actually watched 90 seconds of the Democratic debate last night before bailing out! Wow! Now are you really telling us that you just don’t like conflict? If that’s the case, perhaps you might like to read Bernard Goldberg’s book, Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right. Here’s the link

  4. Conflict itself isnt so much the issue. Rants, or extermists on either side, that is what I do not like nor pay much attention to. Great example in the "impeach Cheney" group that is wasting our time. Again, I stress the fact that solid leadership should be able to get past these things, or at least reduce them to the fringe where they are of no importance.

    As for the 90 seconds, yes. Every single thing was nothing more than Bad Bush, Bad Bush. I didnt feel that any of those candidates wanted to communicate something to me.

    So far I havent found anything a single one of those candidates are saying that has much merit.

  5. NoGAConservative - I no doubt am totally 180 degrees from your political views, but have to agree and wanted to give you props for saying that it's time we all stop driving wedges. There's no respect for dissenting opinions, it seems, and that certainly isn't beneficial to either the left or the right. Of course, the left is right, but that's just me. :-) Good point made, though, and should be taken to heart by both parties. Cheers.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving My Friend.

    eric aka


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