Thursday, September 06, 2007

Republican Debate Winners and Losers

It’s probably too early to say who really won the debate last night, but I have my own opinions on who lost.

First, the biggest loser had to be Liber-topian Ron Paul. So he’d yank our troops out of Iraq – no thought – no question, and he’d sit down and play patty-cake with the terrorist sponsoring nation Iran. Paul looked like a far left loon and when he spoke about “our party” I almost choked!

The next loser was Rudy Giuliani. I don’t want to take anything away from the strength and fine leadership he gave to this nation in the days following 9/11. But Rudy – PLEASE!!! Your answer to every question was yet another verse of New York New York. We get it. When you were mayor you turned that city around. Ok enough! And to make matters worse, you kept singing New York New York after the debate when Hannity and Colmes interviewed you.

The candidates who showed best in my opinion were:

1. John McCain. When several other candidates demurred to him and quoted him and bowed to his superior knowledge about the war in Iraq, well that said a great deal. But I’m not sure McCain’s new-found resolve to seal our borders will overcome. Nor am I sure that he actually gets it. When he was interviewed by Hannity following the debate, Hannity mentioned “the amnesty bill.” McCain bristled and showed his obvious displeasure. Let me put it to you this way, McCain . . . You and Bush can sit alone in a room and call it “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” all day long, BUT – we, the Republican base, know that IT WAS ALL ABOUT AMNESTY!

2. Mike Huckabee came on strong and is gaining strength. He took on Ron Paul and that gave him a big win. Huckabee has great style, presence, a good sense of humor, and he said the Right things. He’s a man to watch.

3. Duncan Hunter was also impressive with the detailed answers he gave to most questions. He also said the Right things.

Honorable mention has to go to Tom Tancredo. Tom’s biggest problem is his obvious nervousness. His greatest strength is his deep knowledge of the vital issues this country faces and his complete honesty. When no other candidate was talking about illegal immigration we had Tom’s leadership. Tom is a true American patriot!

Perhaps the biggest winner was debate no-show, Fred Thompson? Those of us who have supported Fred from the get-go are waiting for big things. We plan to ask him tough questions and we expect strong, clear, and direct answers. He’ll have to come on strong right away because his honeymoon period is already over. Fred says that he’s running a different kind of campaign and we expect nothing less.

According to the L.A. Times . . .

Fred D. Thompson launched his presidential bid Wednesday night on a TV talk show in Burbank as eight candidates for the Republican presidential nomination parsed their differences over immigration, Iraq and other issues -- while slinging a few barbs at their newest rival. . .

Earlier, appearing before a friendly audience on the "Tonight Show," Thompson downplayed his absence from the New Hampshire stage. "We'll have an opportunity to debate a lot," he said under gentle questioning from Leno. "We'll do our fair share."

With no disrespect to New Hampshire, Thompson quipped, it is "a lot more difficult to get on the 'Tonight Show' than appear in a presidential debate." The crowd roared its affirmation.

If you watched the debate, you can also leave your comments on Fox News.

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  1. Well, they were interesting. Not particularly exciting but interesting. I agree with just about everything you wrote in your well-reasoned analysis. Those people who were loudly applauding Ron Paul must be from some other planet. He's WORSE than the far left liberals.

    For me, there is only one main issue confronting America today and that is the imminent threat of terrorism -- to the degree that you can separate out the control of our borders from this overarching question, there might be two.

    In my view the candidate who most clearly defines this threat as the primary focus of his presidency is the candidate I will vote for.

    In my little book, on a list of one to twenty, if terrorism is number one, and control of our borders is number two, the next issue on this list would be down around eleven or twelve. If we cannot protect our country from future attacks, none of these other issues have any meaning whatsoever.

    So far, the two who most seem to fit this bill are Guliani and Thompson, both of whom have some image problems. However, as you pointed out, Thompson has said all the right things and appears to be showing some real resolve. Guliani has shown real resolve but has said a lot of the wrong things.

    I'll be following these candidates, as we all will, very closely in the future.
    We've still got a while to go.

  2. Why bother? Are they going to say anything I haven't already heard? Besides, I don't have cable and refuse to get it. lol. No, I watched Fred. ;)