Monday, April 30, 2007

Illegal Immigration March Slogan Revisions

All over the U.S illegal aliens (aka: immigrants) and their advocates are getting ready to take to the streets today and Tuesday in another series of May Day marches calling for immigration reform. You will note that various socialist labor movements world-wide have celebrations on May 1st , May Day.

Here’s one of their slogans: "Today we march, tomorrow we vote."

Here's the revised slogan:

“Today you all march, tomorrow you all leave!”

¡Usted todo marcha hoy, mañana usted que todo deja!

Here’s an alternate revised slogan:

Today you all march, tomorrow you all return to Mexico!

¡Usted todo marcha hoy, mañana usted toda la vuelta a México!

Here are some more of the May 1st march slogans. Have a little fun revising and sharing these slogans!

Si` se puede, - (Yes, it can be done), Justice for Children of Immigrants, and No Human Being is Illegal.

I could swear that some enterprising bloggers have already created bumper stickers and they are up for sale, but I can’t remember where I saw those blogs. One site had all kinds of innovative ways to use the stickers besides just putting them on the back of bumpers.

More details on the May Day Illegal Immigration March

Illegal immigrants are demanding citizenship, and an immediate end to: planned increases in citizenship fees, guest-worker proposals, arrests and deportations, and increased border policing.

Additionally organizers want an end to the war in Iraq and policies that they say punish the poor.

Some march organizers have told marchers to leave their Mexican flags at tome and to wave only U.S. flags. Additionally, they are not to call for boycotts. On the other hand, other’s have called for a boycott:

“Besides the marches, the national pro-immigrant organizations have called for a Second National Boycott on the first of May that consists of not working, not buying or selling anything, and not going to school. It demonstrates that we are a vital part of this nation's workforce and also displays our economic power.”

Some Hispanics think that last year’s marches didn’t do that much good and might have increased racism. You will note that the lefty MSM reporters usually make the word “racism” synonymous with The Minutemen!

“And the Yakima resident believes racism rippled through the community after groups demanding stricter immigration controls arose for the first time in the area -- organizations like the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.”

In Tucson a toothless warning to “stay in school” was issued by the superintendent of Public Instruction, so march organizers are telling parents to request excused absences.

Now this takes the cake!

In Los Angeles another toothless warning to stay in school came from State Supt. of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell. . .

“But Los Angeles school officials, apparently resigned to the fact that some students will ditch class anyway, plan to provide bus service for students hoping to return to class after attending the downtown rally.”

President Bush appealed to graduating college students Saturday for help in persuading Congress to produce an immigration bill, while hundreds of immigrants marched in Houston -- a prelude to nationwide marches and rallies planned for Tuesday.

I’d like to see what a President Fred Thompson would have to say!

Here’s an interesting article about the effect of last year’s marches and an immigration poll you can take today:

The poll results this A.M so far.

What should Congress do?

Pass a bill that beefs up enforcement, allows the estimated 12 million illegal residents to pay fines and earn their way to citizenship – 26%

Pass a bill that beefs up enforcement and deports illegal immigrants already here – 50%

Not pass any new legislation but require the Department of Homeland Security to enforce current immigration laws – 24%

Aside: Now we all know that Google is becoming more and more p.c. If you go to Google news and put in “illegal alien marches,” you won’t get much valid or current info. But if you put in the p.c. “immigration marches, ” – now that gets you to the info you need.

The Truth Smarts. This is from The American Daily on the Communist ACLU illegal immigration ties.

“ . . .Somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens, many of them dangerous criminals and others, members of known terror organizations, have broken into our not-so-sovereign or secure nation and set down roots illegally. But the ACLU is only concerned with the civil rights of these criminals as if they were legal citizens of the United States and any American not willing to offer full Constitutional benefits to these illegal invaders will be deemed “racists” or “bigots” by the ACLU and their friends in congress and the press.

One need not be a genius to properly interpret the clear intent of the ACLU, which today, remains entirely aligned with the stated goals of its founder Roger Baldwin, and fully engaged in the process (read as progress) of making those goals a reality, one law suit at a time.

For the terminally blind progressive, those goals bear repeating…“I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.” (Founder and long term director of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin.)

The ACLU is the legal arm of the Democratic Socialist Movement running roughshod over America today and there is nothing pro-American about any of it. The ACLU is responsible for making those laws which elected leftists (Democrats) in congress do not yet have the seats to pass into law via the legitimate legislative branch.

“Communism is the goal” and they are well on their way to achieving that goal. If you happen to disagree with their agenda, they will quickly label you a “fascist”. . ."

Join the Stop the ACLU coalition

Others Blogging about the May Day Illegal Immigration March:

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal ImmigrationIf you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.


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  1. Wow, excellent coverage. I've heard some predictions that the numbers marching will be fewer than last year, but I don't know how anyone can predict something like that ahead of time.

    If you're like me, I'm discouraged over the entire illegal alien situation. I feel helpless.

  2. Yes it is discouraging but we've got to keep fighting!

  3. I like the Fred Thompson comment. I can't watch and listen to this on TV. Anchors have been interviewing illegals all day - and they've had their forum - and how righteous they are.

    What are we thinking?

    Also your point about the Minutemen! Excellent. God Bless them.

    Maggie's Notebook

  4. The number of marchers was way down from last year. Why? Because they were afraid they would get arrested. Seems ICE decided to get out this year. Duh!