Friday, April 27, 2007

Dhimmicratic Debate . . .Hillary shrill, Obama Uncertain

Even the MSM had to admit that this first debate was less than stellar. All the candidates were united in their Dhimmitudinal desire to set a deadline to pull our troops out now.

This morning NBC commentary offered that Hillary appeared to be the most presidential and Obama was uncertain, but Tim Russert said Hillary looked “professorial” which is a much nicer way of saying “matronly.”

So far Edwards and his hair have the most votes with the dirty-haired DailyKos folks. SurveyUSA, however, shows that Obama won.

Here’s an early link roundup of takes on the debate:

Tigerhawk (Live blogged the event)
Captain’s Quarters
All Things Conservative
Democratic Debate: The Kossacks' Choice
Democratic Debate Recap

Now if you really want to see what someone sounds like who is presidential, read what Fred Thompson has written about what we conservative bloggers call “Dhimmitude”:

Rewriting History a Classroom at a Time
"By now, we're used to people like Iranian President Ahmadinejad denying that the holocaust ever happened, even while he and his regime promise not only the destruction of Israel but the elimination of Jews internationally. . ." Read the rest here

Faultline USA Prediction: May 3rd or 4th on the Tonight Show – Thompson announces!

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  1. Their mistake is believing that using the same "pull the troops out"line they used in the 2006 elections will work for them again.

    People believed them without asking the simple question of "how" and now their supporters believe they were lied to, which they were.

    It was a sad display from the little I saw of it.

    They might as well have gone up there and just stated, we will not fight for your safety, we will never help another country in their time of need,we will encourage our enemies to come kill whoever they want.

    Thats the message I got from them.


  2. Spree:

    Thanks for your comments. I got the same message you got!

  3. arggggggggggggggg do I have to read about Hillllllll and Obama Osama Yo mama! stuff!
    Have a super weekend! :)

  4. Fred Thompson: The Tonight Show! I'm not sure about that venue - lots of viewers for sure. I just want him to get on with it. I think he's my first choice but would like to hear more.

    I missed the debate but have heard soundbites and listened to my husband, alternately gleeful at their woeful performance on the issues and then madder than hell for their pomposity.

    Hillary will "sweep them all" under her carpet before its over - and I think it's over for Obama.

    Thanks for the Thompson "rewriting history." We all need to talk about that little political tool a bit more.

    Maggie's Notebook

  5. Not sure how many here actually watched the 90 minute debate. Largely disappointing cast of characters, and again a reason to vote Republican. BUT Hillary was far from "shrill". Having been a NY'er during her first term as Senator, I have seen and heard shrill. That she wasn't at the debate.

  6. I just re-read the entire Thompson Report and saw this closing gem:

    "It's time for people who believe that they have a stake in Western civilization and its traditions to get a little backbone -- even if it offends somebody."

    Sounds like Presidential backbone to me.

    Maggie's Notebook

  7. Was that a debate? Did they say something note worthy? Or was it a glorified BDS session? I couldn't tell.


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