Friday, January 05, 2007

View The Blogger’s Halo Award Nominees

We have twelve fantastic nominations so far for The Blogger’s Halo Award. A number of the nominees have been nominated by several bloggers. And a few bloggers have made several nominations. So, if you see the nominated blog listed here, please don’t nominate that blog again. You still have to the end of the day to get other nominations in. Voting will begin tomorrow.

About The Blogger’s Halo Award:

The “Blogger’s Halo Award” WILL go to the blogger who has not only created a vital up-to-the minute blog with a sizable readership and dedication to excellence, but this blogger would have gone way beyond the call of duty by demonstrating a selfless commitment to help other bloggers solve their blogging problems.

Nominate your favorite Blogger Saint today (nominations end tonight)

Here are the rules:
1. Link to this post in your blog.

2. Leave a comment here that describes (in about one paragraph) why you think your favorite blog should receive a Halo. (This is the honor system, so don’t nominate your own blog).

3. Leave any new nominations in the comments on this current page. Be sure to post links to your nominee’s blog as well as to your blog in the comments.

4. Links to the grateful bloggers that made nominations will also be posted when the winner(s) are announced.

5. Check back tomorrow to vote. Each blogger gets to vote for one blogger (you can’t vote for your own blog).

If you would like to view the earlier comments made about these nominees please go to these two links:

Here Are The Nominees (listed in alpha/numeric order)
(This page will be updated if new nominees come in today)

Adam's blog (Adam)
Bad Example (Harvey)
Basil’s Blog (Basil)
Dead Guy on the Sidebar
In The Bullpen (Chad)
Lost In Lima Ohio (Lilo)
Planck's Constant (Bernie)
Right Truth (Debbie)
Trouble With Angels (formerly Diane's Stuff) (Dianne)
Wake Up America (Spree and HCdl)
Woman Honor Thyself (Angel)
123beta (Butch)

Update Two More Nominees So Far Today

Iowa Voice (Brian)
bRight & Early (Jim)

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  1. Do you have an 'image' for the Halo award? You know, something the winner can install in their sidebar with pride for all to see? Just an idea.

  2. debbie:
    Thanks for the enquiry. Yes we’re working on that and would appreciate your input on the final. It should be available for the winner to put on the web site by the end of this month. Anyone interested in offering input, please e-mail me at

  3. My nomination is Iowa Voice, Brian, despite his heavy load, took the time and effort to send me quite a few emails helping me when I first started. He explained the simplest and most basic things, such as trackbacks, gave me URL's and took the time to explain what needed to be done to get my blog off the ground.

    He showed me that this all isn't some kind of a competition, but it is a group of people, with the same goals, helping each other.

  4. hey there!..My readers dont know bout this..Am I supposed to plug myself on my blog?..LOL
    thanks so much for the post and link..Now what do I do?..:)

  5. Jim of bRight & Early has helped me out tremendously several times over. He deserves the nomination more than I do.

  6. spree and chad:

    Thank you for the two new nominees. I've just updated the post with their links.


    Kind of put you in a predicament didn't we. . . .:)

  7. I want to thank Layla for nominating me. It would be ironic if a devil like myself actually got to wear a halo.

  8. It's after midnight... can I vote yet? If so... my vote goes to Butch 123Beta. I know, he nominated me- but I'd like to graciously bow out, as he's ten times more deserving than I could ever be.

  9. bernie:

    Just being nominated means you've got a halo!

    Sorry, but you'll have to come back to vote on this weekend. Voting starts Saturday morning.
    See the new post.

  10. It was sort of morning... after all- my clock marked it as AM :D